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Linda P. Ray, Author

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Story Starters Writing Game
1.  Use the story starter, then write several paragraphs, leaving the plot dangling.
2.  Email me your story, and I will add onto it, once again leaving the plot dangling.
3.  If you include your email address, I will email the continuing story back to you, so that you can add more to it.
4.  The story continues to grow in this manner until it reaches a natural conclusion or dies a natural death, whichever comes first.
5.  The game participants agree not to attempt to publish the story, since the rights belong to both parties. 

Story Starter #1:
The bottle fell off the shelf, shattering into a million pieces.

Story Starter #2:
Light filtered through the blinds, creating a striped pattern across the barren floor.

Story Starter #3:
Lucy stood spellbound before the sight.