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Linda P. Ray, Author

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About Me
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These are some of my motivations to write:

I must have been born to travel, because I've been at it since conception.  The only states where I haven't left my footprints are Alaska and Maine.  Europe, the Middle East and North Africa left impressions upon my mind by the time I was eleven years old.  Then as an adult I began to explore Latin America.  Mexico and Costa Rica have been my home more than once, so I set about learning to speak Spanish like a native, which is easier conceived than realized.  I once told a joke in Spanish and so thoroughly disgusted a group of old ladies, that I had to do considerable verbal scrambling to get back into their good graces.  So, no, I have not yet mastered Spanish as a second language, but I keep trying.

At any rate, whatever I experience filters through my active imagination, and a story emerges.  It starts as a small seed, pops its head up and encounters plenty of BS, that nurtures it into a full-blown, all-out lie, which is, after all, the heart and soul of good story-telling.  Characters come alive in my head, like friends and enemies.  They take charge of telling their own story, in their own way.  I once had two characters who were scheduled, in my mind, to make love for the first time on a beach.  Well, they couldn't and didn't wait.  Honestly, sometimes I feel so humbled by my characters, like they don't need me at all.  I just record what they decide to do. 


Favorite Things
Full moons, tropical beaches, comical situations,  animals, people, planes- trains- and- llamas, vibrant colors, beautiful music, cool breezes

Favorite Places
San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Honolulu, Seattle, Quito, Santiago de Chile, Cairo, Rome, Athens, Yosemite National Park, Canyonlands, Bryce Canyon

I love Latin American literature, with its rich cultural references and journeys of pure fantasy, which intertwine in a delightful tapestry of illusion.