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Linda P. Ray, Author

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In my novel, Surefire, the reader can experience the adventure of living in Mexico, coming into contact with terrorists and the FBI, and getting entangled in a myriad of perplexing events, thanks to the Patriot Act.  The exotic settings of Querétero and Mexico City come alive in intricate descriptions of people, places and things.  Each of the characters in the novel are truly worthy of being called "characters", being quirky and unpredictable in nature.  For instance, Attila the Hummer is a Chihuahua that sings, and whose expressive facial mannerisms accent the actions of the humans in the story.  Humor, adventure, excitement, and danger punctuate this suspense novel and guarantee the reader an experience not soon forgotten.

To read selections from Surefire, go to the website,, and input "Surefire by Linda P. Ray" into the search field.

Chichen Itza

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